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About Chuck's Sales
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PianoManChuck is proud to offer V3Sound MIDI Sound Expanders / modules!

V3Control For those who don't have a MASTER MIDI CONTROLLER keyboard, or for those who want simplicity and high creativity in the control of the V3Sound modules, the V3Sound Control Wireless Bluetooth Receiver has you covered!
Simply plug it into the USB port of your V3Sound Module,
Fire up the iOS or Android App on your tablet,
and control your V3Sound Module wirelessly from the app!
This only works on iOS or Android tablets (not phones).
NOTE: To use this, your keyboard MIDI connection must be thru the legacy 5-pin DIN connection!
GRAND PIANO XXL is the latest in piano modeling technology with 4 GB flash memory, bringing you the sounds of the best concert grands and legendary vintage keyboards, include 600 combination and orchestra sounds. For you, it's still plug and play!

Do you need amazing piano sounds for live concerts, your home studio, playing at home or on the road? The GRAND PIANO XXL can do that and more, delivering a huge range of sounds you need for live performance in any musical style: E-pianos, organs, synthesizers, winds, accordions, orchestra and so many other instruments. All this in a device smaller than your mouse pad..

At the heart of this sound module are samples of flagship concert grands from famous manufacturers in Vienna (Imperial 290) and Hamburg (Model D). The two grand piano models are available in up to 11 dynamic settings, including string resonance and half-pedal functions.
SONORITY XXL - 1,000 Sounds and Modeling Technology
Do you need top-quality sounds for your live stage performance, home studio, General MIDI files or a notation program? SONORITY XXL can do any of these tasks with ease, delivering a complete range of sounds for all styles of music: E-pianos, organs, synthesizers, wind sections, accordions, orchestra sounds, drum kits and much more. SONORITY XXL is a sound monster - but it's a monster you can enjoy taming by using the V3Sound Sonority XXL.

Personally, I love my Nord Piano 5 and my Viscount Legend 70's keyboards.  But they both lack Hammond / Drawbar organs!  With the V3Sound Sonority XXL, I can now have the organs I need!  There's many other keyboards out there that fall into this category too!  For me, Organ was #1... but all the other sounds (1,000 of them) can fill any occasion, and is a song-writers golden treasure of sounds!
GRAND PIANO XXL - Price: $465.  eMail us with your USA zipcode for your special price!
       Watch PianoManChuck's review here: https://youtu.be/diw6d84BqYc
       Hear the wonderful pianos here: https://youtu.be/oXfGblHJvoI
SONORITY XXL - Price: $465.  eMail us with your USA zipcode for your special price!
    Watch PianoManChuck's review here: https://youtu.be/souNxYCG_4g
V3Control - Price: $95.  eMail us with your USA zipcode for your special price!
      Watch PianoManChuck's Youtube Review here: https://youtu.be/vgF9ZzG5H1o
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