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I'm there to create memories and smiles and good times by playing awesome music!  The kind of amazing music that will have you calling me back for your next event!

I'm available for parties, events, functions, etc.  Nothing is too small... I've even been hired to play at private homes for sick family members.  Sometimes the smallest gatherings are the best in that its more like a small, intimate circle of close friends and/or family gathering together to enjoy their time with a live pianist.  Some great memories are created like this!

Restaurants, Lounges, Bars, private parties & events!  Emphasis on popular music of the 1970s and 1960s, but can cover 1950s to present.
If you need a pianist weekly or several times a week, I have great rates!

If you don't have a piano at the location of your party, event, function, etc... I'll bring one of my digital stage pianos with me. 

A number of factors go into quoting a price for your event.  For example, do you have a piano there or should I bring a digital piano with me?  How far from my office/studio will I be traveling (I'm based in Van Nuys, California)?  How long would you like me to play?  What date and time?  Access (stairways?  parking?), etc.

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(PreSonus, Blue, Cloudlifter + more!)

                     Monitors:   iLOUDPRESONUS
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