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Keyboard Sales
Keyboards, Digital Pianos - SALES!!
(Mainland USA Only!)

You've been watching my keyboard / digital piano reviews for years! 

You've been asking if you can "purchase through me" because "you trust me".

Well now you can! - AND - at lower pricing than most online retailers and brick & mortar stores!  Why wait for "Black Friday" or other annual sales events when you can get those kinds of prices Right Now!!!

This is a brand new service.  I'm in negotiations for being an "authorized dealer" for a number of digital piano / keyboard manufacturers.

As of right now, the first to come through was Casio.... with more manufacturers in the works!

For pricing on Casio keyboards & digital pianos, CLICK HERE!

Yes, I'm different - no storefront, no online cart or shopping basket.  None of the traditional overhead.  You basically tell me the make & model you're looking for, I'll give you a price quote that will make you happy (usually much better than online & brick & mortar stores), and we can then transact the order from there (you can pay via major credit card or PayPal).  Please include city & state.

Please note: I'm only authorized to place orders for the 48 mainland United States (no shipping to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico).
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