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Keyboard Sales
Keyboards, Digital Pianos - SALES!!
(Mainland USA Only!)

You've been watching my keyboard / digital piano reviews for years! 

You've been asking if you can "purchase through me" because "you trust me".

Well now you can! - AND - at lower pricing than most online retailers and brick & mortar stores!  Why wait for "Black Friday" or other annual sales events when you can get those kinds of prices Right Now!!!

This is a brand new service.  I'm in negotiations for being an "authorized dealer" for a number of digital piano / keyboard manufacturers.

As of right now, I'm authorized for Casio, Dexibell, Kurzweil and Nord.  

Best prices on CASIO and DEXIBELL
            (for shipping anywhere in the mainland USA):
               For pricing on CASIO keyboards & digital pianos, CLICK HERE!
          for pricing on DEXIBELL keyboards & digital pianos, CLICK HERE!

Best prices on KURZWEIL and NORD
                 (see "About Shipping" below)
        For pricing on KURZWEIL keyboards & digital pianos, CLICK HERE!
                 For pricing on NORD keyboards & digital pianos, CLICK HERE!

NOTE: I no longer offer StudioLogic keyboards as of 4/17/2018.

Yes, I'm different - no storefront, no online cart or shopping basket.  None of the traditional overhead.  You basically tell me the make & model you're looking for, I'll give you a price quote that will make you happy (usually much better than online & brick & mortar stores), and we can then transact the order from there (you can pay via major credit card or PayPal).  Please include City & State or Zip Code.

Please note: Shipping to the lower 48 mainland United States (no shipping to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico).


There's two types of keyboard suppliers... those who ship directly to my customers from a fulfillment center, and those who only ship to the dealer (me).

ship from a fulfillment center, so I can provide the absolute BEST price on Casio or Dexibell keyboards to anywhere in the Mainland USA.

will only ship to the dealer (me, and I pay for that shipping).  And of course, I pay for shipping from my location to you!  Because of this, all Kurzweil & Nord are "special orders" and can take a couple of weeks.
You can get good pricing on lower cost models from almost anywhere, but the BEST pricing comes with the top models (better than most anywhere else)!  Therefore, only the top Kurzweil and Nord models will be offered by me.

(has to be at these prices)
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