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Unfortunately, funerals are a part of life.  Its a way for us to reflect upon and remember our time with the departed.

I wrote a beautiful peace for my mother's own funeral back in 2001... and I wrote a song for my best friend called "Goodbye" back in 2011.  He was dying of lung cancer.  I performed these songs and other originals at the funerals.  Since then, the attendees (they were large funerals) have insisted on my playing the same (and other) original piano songs for funerals they were arranging for their own loved ones because of the reflective, peaceful, meditative and tasteful affect my music had on all the attendees.

I have a multitude of original music that I perform for funerals, and you can sample some of those by watching/hearing me play some of those original songs in the comfort of my studio at the following link:

The music at the above link is just a small sampling... I can actually create beautiful music on the fly, as a result of "reading the room" and sensing the audience.... its just something I've always been able to do.

I've found that beautiful, original piano music works best because popular music doesn't always invoke positive memories for everyone.

Original, beautiful piano music allows the mind to relax and bring back the positive memories that were shared with the departed.  In fact, original music will always bring back those same thoughts every time you hear that music - it becomes "that music" which reminds you of the departed. 

Of course, some popular songs can also be appropriate for funerals, such as Yesterday (Beatles), Only Time (Enya), Amazing Grace (John Newton), etc.  Even songs you don't think are appropriate can be played if its something the departed loved!  There's really no rules.

Whether its the chapel ceremony (prelude / postlude), graveside service (I'll supply a professional stage piano), or reception / wake or celebration of life... you want a professional pianist with experience to make the experience positive, smooth and memorable.  People (unfortunately) pass away only once... there's no 2nd chance to get the music right... that's where I come in, to ensure everything is smooth, reflective, peaceful, memorable.

Unlike parites, events, etc, that are planned well in advance (and often at night), funerals are often "last minute" notice, and held during the daytime.  Unless I'm out of town, I can almost always accommodate.

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