Authorized Digital / Stage Piano sales - Casio, Dexibell, Kurzweil, Nord. Classic Rock Pianist!!
Welcome to my website!!!  My name is Chuck (AKA PianoManChuck) and I'm a professional Classic Rock pianist in the Los Angeles (California) area.... pro product reviewer and an authorized Casio, Dexibell, Kurzweil and Nord dealer for digital, synth, stage pianos/keyboards!  I'm also an authorized PreSonus dealer for all your pro audio needs, both Studio and Live.

I'm all about piano and digital / stage pianos ( playing, performing, writing, and selling at prices that will definitely make you happy!).

I'm also a well-known digital piano product reviewer!  For info about my digital piano product reviews, demos, comparisons, how to's, etc, see the Product Review page.

For those interested in purchasing a digital piano or keyboard, check out my Sales Product Index window at the upper right of every page.

For those interested in learning a particular song on piano, check out my MIDI page.

For those interested in having me as a pianist for their location: For samples of me playing, click on the SetList (watch/play) button on the left  where you can watch and hear me play.  For a more complete list, click on the Song List button on the left.

I've recently started to offer MIDI files of some of my piano covers and originals.  More will be added as time goes on, but this is brand new.  MIDI files are an exact reproduction of what I played on my piano/keyboard... with that, you can bring it in to certain programs and display the music notation so that you can play the song exactly the way I did!  Synthesia is an excellent program that not only displays the notation, but also a visual animation of the notes  that are about to be played!  CLICK HERE for those files!

Restaurants, Lounges, Bars, Hotels, Private Parties & Events or just a home gathering, click on Services to the left!  I'm much different than your typical pianist!

And while unfortunate, funerals are also a part of life.  I cover those too.

Some background about me: I love playing piano!  I started on a toy piano at age 5.  Started taking lessons at age 6, gave my first piano recital at age 6. 
I grew up in the Detroit area and was classically trained, privately with the Dean of Music at Wayne State University at that time (Julius Chajes) from age 6 thru 15.  I have perfect pitch, can play just about anything I hear.  Whatever music is in my head can easily be transferred to my fingers... its just something I've been able to do all my life.  I love to write and compose my own music - check out my YouTube channel by clicking on the Youtube button to the left.

As for Restaurants, lounges, private parties and events... my schedule constantly changes.  Whenever you need amazing piano music for your event (any size event, home, venue, etc), simply contact me.

My most relaxing and creative activity is to write original music.

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October 2019

PianoManChuck is now a fully authorized PreSonus Dealer!!

PianoManChuck is also a fully authorized Dealer for Casio, Dexibell, Kurzweil and Nord keyboards and accessories.

PianoManChuck also carries other products through suppliers:

iLoud products and the following brands:

BLUE Microphones
CLOUD Microphones
HARTKE Amplifiers
LINE 6 Spider Amplifiers
MXL Microphones

Just because its not listed on the website doesn't mean I can't get it.  eMail me with anything you're interested in, along with your zipcode!